The importance of contracts and contract law to our market and economy cannot be overstated. Most one-time transactions as well as ongoing business relationships, in which two or more parties agree to exchange goods or services for money or something else of value, result from the formation and performance of legally binding contracts. Our firm understands the critical importance of executing comprehensive (and favorably drafted) written agreements for all manner of transactions and relationships, and we are well-versed in helping individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries negotiate, draft, execute, and enforce these contracts.

Contract Law

Our firm routinely assists clients in structuring and negotiating contracts. This service includes negotiations for business clients with key suppliers and partners in business operations, and developing employment agreements with stock and bonus incentives (including phantom stock and stock appreciation rights agreements). Additionally, the firm assists business and individual clients with the negotiation and documentation of personal sales and acquisitions, including investment transactions involving hedged, collared, and margin borrowing. Finally, the firm also assists clients with the negotiation of technology-based transactions, including technology development agreements and service contracts.